Low German

Series & Seminars

This series is on DVD & CD

The full CD & DVD collection of ENRICH seminars has been produced in Low German and will make a great addition to your church, or personal library! Each volume has about 8 hours of material presented by Al Friesen, There are eighty lessons in total, each about thirty minutes in length. The ENRICH series on parenting has been used by groups for many years to help parents with important family and child raising issues.

Volume 1 Topics

1 To Teach as Jesus Taught

2 Understanding Spiritual Needs  

3 Psychological, Social, & Mental Needs – Living for Jesus

4 Comparing Older & Younger Children – Part 2

5 Comparing Older & Younger Children – Part 2

6 The Five F Theory: Firm, Fair, Friendly Fences Equals Freedom

7 Dealing with Brokenness in Our Relationships – Part 1

8 Dealing with Brokenness in Our Relationships – Part 2

9 Ten Hints For Happier Living – Part 1

10 Ten Hints For Happier Living – Part 2

11 Preparing Your Family for Heaven

12 Removing Roadblocks to Spiritual Growth

13 Removing Roadblocks to Physical Growth

14 Creative Biblical Ways of Leading Our Children Down the Right Path

15 How Emotions Can Trap Us

Volume 2 Topics

16 Living for Jesus Begins at Home

17 Spiritual Growth for Myself and Those Around Me

18 Physical Growth for Myself and Those Around Me

19 Modeling Friendship and Communication

20 Listening to Those Around Me

21 Understanding Those Around Me

22 Encouragement vs. Praise

23 Dad Protects Mom the Way Jesus Protects the Church

24 Dealing with Family Order Related Character Traits

25 Recognizing Your Child's Gifting

26 Building Your Child's Gifting

27 God Builds Character and Family

28 Bringing Courage to Your Family

29 Building Listening Skills Part One

30 Building Listening Skills Part Two

Volume 3 Topics

31 What is Christian Dating?

32 Building With Christ While Dating

33 "First Class" Christian Dating

34 Joseph Builds Relationships

35 What's Inside Your Child's Head

36 Building Respect, Wisdom & Skill

37 Raising Jesus-Followers

38 Building Responsibility Into Our Children

39 Leading Children into Adulthood

40 Wise, Prayerful, Family Decisions Making

41 The "Cost" of Living for Jesus

42 Modelling Wise Responsibility

43 Allowing God to Build Christian Character

44 Building Self Control

45 Building Godliness in the Home

46 Living By the Fruit of the Spirit of God

Volume 4 Topics

47 Weeding Out Negative Habbits - Part 1

48 Weeding Out Negative Habbits - Part 2

49 Being Responsible

50 Learning from Tough Times

51 Learning to Get Along With Others

52 Building Trust by Trusting

53 Feelings or Facts Direct Us

54 Jesus and Our Doubts

55 The Gifts of Prayer and Forgiveness

56 Paving the Way to Heaven For Others

57 Children Are a Treasure to be Developed

58 Developing Our Childs Strengths

59 Five Cylinder Relationship Motor

60 Building Unity With Jesus

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