An Extensive Series of  Videos, Audio,  and Printed Study Guides.

Introduction to Program One - The Younger Years

Enrich is meant to shine light and focus on common sense to many difficult issues in the lives of people and their families everywhere. These programs strengthen the traditional family unit, by helping strengthen marriages and individuals in these marriages. 

From the early years of raising children to managing anger in your life, you will find the ENRICH series of programs has valuable practical information about most aspects of family and daily life.

A sampling of some of the questions addressed in the first program "The Younger Years, What's Inside Your Child's Head?"

  • Why do children become attention seekers? How do we as parents handle the attention- seeking child? 
  • Why do children seek to be in control? How do we, as parents handle this ?
  • Why is it important for children to see romance in the home?  
  • What should one do about temper tantrums? 
  • When has a parent disciplined successfully? 
  • How can you effectively discipline a child in front of company without being embarrassed? 
  • Why do kids want, so desperately, to belong to someone else -- to their family, to a team, to a gang? 
  • How can harmony be maintained in the home, and how can power struggles be avoided? 
  • How do you team with your spouse in disciplining your children? 

A sampling of some of the questions addressed in the fifth program "Managing Anger"

  • How should one begin to handle anger? 
  •  What do you do with depression? 
  • Where do you place your well being? 
  • Why do we need faith? 
  • How do we make the necessary changes in our lives that will affect others? 
  • What are some ways that we can build relationships with others? 
  • How can we be angry and not sin? 
  •  What influences our physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual behaviour? 
  • How can destructive behaviour be modeled for your children? 
  •  How Can We Learn to Handle Hurt Feelings in a Positive Way? 
  • How can you make your marriage more secure? 


You can access over 100 hours of the entire ENRICH library of videos, audio, and study guides for only $.99 per month or a one time donation.

A tax deductible $.99 monthly contribution supports the ongoing costs of this ministry and members receive full on-line access to the entire ENRICH library of videos, audio, and the accompanying study guides. You can search on a topic and view or listen at your leisure at home, or on your mobile device.

Our Members and Supporters are the foundation of this ministry.

What is the ENRICH program?

 Al Friesen B.A.   B. Ed.   M. Ed

Al Friesen B.A.   B. Ed.   M. Ed

Its 100 presentations with accompanying study guides prepared by educator, counselor  and pastor by Al Friesen, Al Friesen, B.Ed., B.A., M.Ed, our primary resource person.  conducting many counselling sessions a week. His counselling and seminars teach how to prepare for marriage, how to build relationships, how to find real joy and meaning in life, and how to help build strong family units. Al is highly respected for his insights and expertise in child behaviour and management. Al lecturers to universities, colleges, schools and church groups around the world. 

Questions? Please contact Us

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ENRICH Ministries

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Winnipeg, Canada

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